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not for the life of me. [11 Sep 2008|11:24am]
So, Les Mis ended. Did I make a post about that? I can't remember and I don't care to look. Closing night was the best show, hands down. The energy was amazing. Everyone was so into it. By the end of the show we were all bawling beyond words. Then, Chris proposed to Sara. So adorable. I miss that day.

It's been a month since that amazing day and a lot has changed. I'm currently living and going to school in the city. So far it's been great. My roommates, LeeAnn, Neelu and Ayo, are really amazing. Ayo can be kinda bitchy and cheap, but she has her nice moments. We've met some other people, as well. Tony, Derek, Felix, Kunal, Erika, Chelsea, Neus, Karif and Dara. They're all really cool people. You're seriously never bored here. There is ALWAYS something to do when you're not doing homework or going to class. We've been to a jazz club, we've gone out to eat in Greenwich Village, we've gone shopping, hung out at Union Square, student rushed a Broadway Show (Spring Awakening), etc. This weekend we're going to Coney Island on Friday, there is a free Gym Class Heroes concert in Central Park on Saturday and on Sunday we're probably going to Fashion Week. Crazy times. Even classes have been great. I love being a music major here, truly. Central was clearly not for me because it made me doubt something that I had loved for so long. However, I have no complaints here at City College. I'm taking Musicianship (Aural Skills/Piano), Music Theory, Music History, Voice, Theatre History and Public Speaking. Love it.

Taylor and I broke up because he's going to school 13 hours away. Did I say that already? Probably.

Anyway, I'm just really happy where I am right now. I'm finally in the city, I'm making amazing friends, I'm doing everything I want to do. Life is good. It's fun. I'm happy, very happy. Come visit me in the city. <33

Of course since I always have to rant about <i>something</i>: it's craaazy cold in this apartment. Who keeps turning the AC to 50 degrees?!
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[14 Mar 2004|07:14pm]
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